Orafol has expanded its range of Orajet 3551 products with an additional line featuring ProSlide technology, offering more precise and easier installation, even with multiple-section prints.

The company has developed the film for digital printing specifically for colour-intensive, long-term outdoor advertising. 

The product was previously available in two versions: the standard variant Orajet 3551 and the 3551RA with RapidAir technology, which enables bubble-free installation. It allows to squeeze out any air trapped under the film easily.

This range now includes the Orajet 3551RA+ featuring the ProSlide technology, helping to position the films more optimally. 

The product can now be detached from the surface and reattached even more efficiently to enable more precise positioning. 

Once in the desired position, the film is fixed with a squeegee to achieve reliable adhesive strength. 

Orajet 3551RA+ with ProSlide is available in rolls in three standard widths (1,050 mm, 1,370 mm and 1,520 mm) and a total length of 50 metres. The new product is available in matt and gloss white.

For long-lasting outdoor applications, the company recommends laminating with Oraguard products, which provide high chemical and UV resistance, more saturated colours, and a significantly longer service life for image-based advertising. 

The combination of Orajet 3551RA+ with ProSlide and the Oraguard 290 protective laminate guarantees a five-year lifetime for printed film applied outdoors, while the Oraguard 215 lasts up to four years.

Orafol executive vice president of graphic innovations Dr Jonas Kölsch said, “The ProSlide technology is perfectly aligned with our customers’ needs and the demands of a challenging graphics market that is focussed more and more on efficiency and sustainability. 

“The major advantage of this new product variant is its user-friendliness, which saves on personnel and time.”

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