Fiery has announced its release of the next generation Fiery Command WorkStation.

The centralised job management interface connects to all Fiery driven cutsheet, large format, and high-speed inkjet printers to run print production processes. Fiery says this integration allows businesses to choose the best printers available in the industry. 

John Henze, vice president of sales and marketing at Fiery, says, “The latest release of Fiery Command WorkStation 7 helps print rooms gain operational efficiencies with new features that elevate colour performance, accelerate job setup, and simplify server settings.

“With direct integration to ColorGuard, operators no longer need to step out of the Command WorkStation interface to action colour process control tasks, including colour verification and recalibration. Within one interface, companies can monitor the colour quality of multiple Fiery driven print devices to ensure they produce colours that meet customer expectations.”

Fiery Account

With the launch of Fiery Command WorkStation 7, customers can sign up for a free Fiery Account. This enables them to download Fiery software, back up settings, and licenses. Customers have access to cloud-based production analytics with Fiery IQ. Fiery says this helps control print operations; improve return on investment; minimise costs; and boost profits.

Free to all fiery customers, Fiery Command Work Station 7 also won a 2023 Pinnacle Award.

New features:

Fiery ColorGuard integrated client helps streamline colour verification tasks and track colour quality. Users can now initiate cloud-based colour process control tasks directly in Fiery Command WorkStation without toggling between applications.

Fiery Spot Pro enhancements allow users to more easily control how spot colours are reproduced. This helps ensure conformance to brand owner and industry standards and making fine-tuning, editing, and printing colour variations easier.

The patent-pending Spot Color Checkup provides operators with a report of how well a set of spot colours can be reproduced at any given time on their specific press. Plus, operators now have more tools for editing the spot colours in a specific job and for automatic spot colour optimization using compatible inline spectrophotometers.

Fiery Print Scheduler provides job scheduling and planning, allowing operators to slot jobs into a 24-hour window to best align with equipment availability and customer deadlines. 

Job History lets users quickly locate the correct past job for further printing. This saves employees time and ensures accurate reprints. 

Fiery makeready advancements deliver expanded Duplo finisher support with Fiery Impose for the DC-648, and new page-level scaling capabilities in Fiery JobMaster ensure a uniform appearance when merging documents. 

Customisable Server List empowers users to personalise their workspace by rearranging the order of servers in the server pane plus choosing which information is displayed for a more efficient workspace.

Built-in functions

Nick Fay is the digital manager for Colortech, an integrated marketing, design, and printer in Pennsylvania, USA. He says, “As a Fiery ColorGuard user, I’m pleased to see that the client functions are now built into Command WorkStation 7.

“The new Spot Pro enhancements, particularly Variations, will help us better serve our colour-critical customer base. In addition, the new Job History feature will help us identify the correct version of a job for reprints.”

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