Greenwash remains a target
Greenwash claims about saving trees damage an industry which has a solid and continually improving environmental record

Currie Group and HP Indigo have worked with resource recovery and recycling company Close the Loop the Loop to provide HP Indigo users with a free recycling programme.
The initiative, designed to help HP Indigo customers move towards greater sustainability, will also help protect the environment, as well as reducing waste handling and waste disposal costs.
As part of the programme, participants will have the ability to return all used Ink cans and Ink tubes, as well as all BIDs and rollers, including Series 2, 3 and 4. Close the Loop can accept pallets of BIDs together with canisters to facilitate convenient returns to ensure you are not using valuable space to store used products for extended periods of time.
Representatives from Close the Loop will begin contacting Currie Group HP Indigo clients to discuss details about the collection programme, including but not limited to the process of packing and storing used supplies; the process of triggering Close the Loop for a pick up; collection frequencies; and documentation required.
Click here to register and begin participating in the programme or visit or phone 0800 991 999.
Once registered, HP Indigo users will be provided with a contact ID which they can use to book collections with Close the Loop.
Print customers have a growing awareness of these issues and increasingly support these types of programmes. The three companies champion the circular economy and Close the Loop shares the HP and Currie Group zero waste to landfill commitment for printing supplies, whilst also exploring innovative ways to give new life to recovered materials.
Founded on a zero waste to landfill brand promise, Close the Loop has established a network of thousands of collection points around Australia and New Zealand. End of life products are returned to the original manufacturer for reuse where possible. Close the Loop uses a range of patented processes to recover all the materials from products that do not go back to the manufacturer. These materials may be reused in the manufacture of the products, or turned into a range of new products.

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