Kodak has released a thermal plate called Sword Max, describing oit as a no-preheat, positive-working, wet processed plate offering high-speed imaging, high productivity, and excellent resolution.

The company says that on press, the new plates offer robustness and chemical resistance, especially with aggressive inks such as opaque UV white, matte agents, and metallic and others. Printers can expect long unbaked run lengths of up to 350,000 impressions with these plates which support reprinting without the need for post-baking. The plates suit for UV or low-energy UV applications, with unbaked run lengths for those of up to 160,000 impressions.

Kodak says the plates have enough flexibility for use in commercial print, offset packaging, web, publication, and book printing and with different substrates such as metal, PET and heavy-duty card. Resolution capabilities run up to AM 1-99 per cent at 300lpi and FM20 on certain Kodak platesetters and fast imaging with laser energy of 100–120J/cm2.
John O’Grady, president of the print systems division at Kodak, says, “Kodak is committed to helping printers profitably grow their business while equipping them for the future with new technology. The new Sword Max Plates deliver a step change in performance over other processed plates, so our customers can confidently say yes to more business.”

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