Packaging clossus Tetra Pak has its full range of E3 machines – based on eBeam technology – ready for rollout.

Tetra Pak calls the E3/Speed Hyper the world’s fastest aseptic carton filling machine. It runs at an capacity of 40,000 ambient portion packages per hour, Tetra Pak says claims that it runs at a 60 per cent faster than its next nearest carton packaging rival.

The company has introduced what it calls eBeam sterilisation, which it says completes the task more efficiently and more rapidly than previous units. Charles Brand, executive vice president product management and commercial operations, Tetra Pak, says, “The use of eBeam in the packaging material sterilisation process is a first in the carton packaging industry. This will help the customer to cut operational costs by as much as 20 per cent, while reducing the environmental impact, making water recycling easier and lowering energy consumption.”

The Tetra Pak E3/Flex will produce a new chilled family package, the Tetra Brik 900 Ultra Edge. The company says that, with a taller and slimmer shape than many family size carton packages on the market, this innovation will help customers differentiate their products in the chilled market.

Tetrak Pak says this means customers can now produce all types of beverage products on an eBeam-based filling machine, both ambient and chilled, and in family or portion sized packages.

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