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New: the Scodix Ultra 2000 targets the commercial and specialty markets

Scodix has announced the commercial launch of six new digital enhancement presses.’

The new machines represent the next generation of Scodix’s Ultra Digital Enhancement Press Series, with each press targeted to a specific market segment.

Currie Group supplies Scodix technology in New Zealand and Australia.

Scodix says its has demonstrated its expertise in equipment for the commercial, packaging, and web to print markets. It has developed the Ultra Press Series to fully address the needs of specific sectors.

Eli Grinberg, chief executive at Scodix, says, “As the world’s most innovative and experienced company in digital print enhancement, with over 400 presses installed around the world, we’re now launching one expanded product line that’s been designed to meet the needs of all of our customers across all of these industry sectors.

“Whatever the application, enhancement, or budget requirement, we have a solution within this series. Print service providers can choose the press that will best support the future growth of their business.”

Web to print and web to pack

Aimed at the web to print and web to pack markets, the Scodix Ultra 3000 and Ultra 4000 presses both incorporate Scodix Studio W2P software. Developed with the success of companies such as Shutterfly and District Photo in mind, the Ultra 3000 focusses on web to print. The Ultra 4000, allowing larger format substrates and pallet feeders and stackers, targets the web to pack printers.

Commercial and speciality

The Scodix Ultra 1000 and 2000 presses offer the same print areas and range of substrates but a different number of applications. They arrive at the market at different price points. The Ultra 1000 delivers accessible digital enhancement. The Ultra 2000 offers all Scodix applications on one platform, including automatic polymer switching for superior productivity.


Both the Scodix Ultra 5000 and 6000 allow the thicker substrates required for packaging applications, up to 2mm and incorporate industrial pallet feeders and stackers. The Ultra 6000 offers a larger format, it comes with a simplified range of enhancements.

The six new presses in the series succeed the Ultra 101 and 202, whilst the Scodix E106 press is still available for B1 folding carton applications.

Grinberg adds, “By incorporating digital enhancement, print providers can expand their service offerings with attention-grabbing applications, improving customer retention rates in these notoriously fickle times, whilst boosting margins and ultimately profitability.

“Whether customers purchase the products through traditional, or through web to pack, or web to print channels, Scodix enhances products from premium business and greeting cards, folders, head turning book covers, audience engaging brochures to stand out labels and packaging, folding cartons, rigid boxes, point of display and security markings always with a focus on fine detail and high quality results.

“By launching this segmented product portfolio, we are increasing the number of customers that can employ Scodix, and we are offering Scodix value to more brands, print buyers and consumers of print. This is truly the next era for the Scodix business.”

Click here to see a demonstration of the Scodix Ultra Digital Enhancement Press Series in action

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