A B Graphic International (ABG), has launched DigiJet (JetFX), a new digital embellishment module.

Currie Group supplies ABG in New Zealand and Australia.

This launch expands the ABG range of modules for its Digicon Series 3. The print finishing equipment manufacturer says DigiJet opens a new world of high quality digital embellishments techniques. It delivers an online or offline fully digital embellishment, allowing for multiple processes in one pass. This includes spot varnishing, digital foiling, and tactile screen on any size of print run. It features two inkjet heads with UV pinning and UV curing; automated cold foil throw off; a shuttle system for zero waste and stop start at job changeover; chill rollers for sensitive materials; prepress software; and food compliant fluids.

Available in single bar or dual bar configurations, DigiJet technology allows easy adjustment for the quantity of varnish to a height of 225 microns, thereby varying the required finish. It allows for automatic changing of jobs on the fly. The DigiJet module can integrate with workflow and MIS options as preferred. 

DigiJet opens a new world of embellishment possibilities

Matt Burton, ABG’s global sales director, says, “The DigiJet module targets the digital market. With technology improving all the time, digital embellishment is where the future is. It is perfect for short runs. With no tooling costs, it also offers the ability to change jobs quickly; variable data; personalisation; and dramatically reduced lead times. DigiJet will undoubtedly provide a welcome addition in capability for many of our customers.”

ABG has already installed the DigiJet module in a number of Digicon Series 3s internationally. It has also retrofitted the module to existing machines.

Click here to see a video with more information on the DigiJet embellishment module.

Join A B Graphic International for a webinar introduction to the newly launched DigiJet Digital Embellishment module for the Digicon Series 3. The webinar takes place at 10pm on October 6.

Click here to register for the chance to understand more about Digital Embellishment from ABG and how DigiJet can enhance your labels.

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