Letterpress wizard and former Pride In Print supreme award winner Graham Judd intends to travel the country teaching letterpress but needs help to move his press.

He has an Albion press and since downsizing his print company GTO Print, he has concentrated on teaching letterpress, taking his Albion press to the Birkenhead Library and running workshops there.

However, he plans to move it further afield. He says, “I have an opportunity to travel to Featherston in Wairarapa for the annual Booktown event and run workshops, but I need to move the press. There is also a programme at the Masterton Library. More opportunities will come.”

Judd has obtained a quote to build a trailer for the press. He says, “It will cost around $4,500 for the trailer, gazebo and trestle table. I approached the Arts Foundation Te Tumoi Toi, and it has enabled me to run a crowd funding page on boosted.org.nz. I also have some small benchtop presses that will go into the trailer.”

Ruth Cobb, general manager PrintNZ, says “we are keen to see more people learn about print and for Graham to be able to take the trailer much further afield and reach as many as possible.  To this end his funding has been given a kick start of $1500 from the Trust4Skills fund which is available to promote education in the industry.  I am Graham will be appreciative of all who are able to give a little to get this show on the road.”

Click here to find out more about the mobile letterpress and to make a donation.

Judd has uploaded a movie on hte boosted site called Inkiana Jones.

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