In November, Mimaki will launch a print and cut wide-format printer, a full-colour 3D printer, and a warm laminator suitable for UV.

The print and cut UV inkjet solutions, the UCJV300-160 and UCJV150-160, offer a four-layer print mode, which allows for printed signage supporting variations of the same image which come out in different lights. The image change occurs when moving between natural daylight and a back-lit panel at night.

The UCJV300-160 offers a seven-colour setup, CMYK+Lc,Lm,W while the other machine offers a standard CMYK. The UV curing removes waiting times needed for solvent-inks, which enables the print to go directly in the cutter, enabling fast turnaround times. The cutter operates at 300mm/s, with 10-450gf of cut pressure.

The UCJV300-160 offers a maximum print speed of 25.8sqm/h, and operates at 8sqm/h in its highest-quality, seven colour mode. The UCJV150-160 prints to top speed of 13.4sqm/h, and the same 8sqm/h speed in its highest quality.

Mimaki says its 3DUJ-553 full-colour 3D printer enables modelling of more than 10 million colours. The company has aimed the new printer opening for applications in the sign graphics market because of its capability to create real objects for signage, combined with UV inkjet technology. Mimaki says this enables 22㎛ of minimum later pitch for elaborate finishing and high reproducibility.

The company will introduce its latest laminators, the LA-160W and LA-170W, alongside its in-house laminating film, the Mimaki Vision Laminate 310-137, which offers reduced silvering. Both laminators feature the same specs, however, the LA-170W has a maximum media width of 1700mm, and the other laminator offers 1580mm.

Given their laminating speed of 7500mm/m, Mimaki says its warm laminators compete with higher-end models at an affordable cost. They have a maximum heat of 60 degrees, with the laminator able to move up in temperature degree by degree, improving the adhesion of laminating to reduce silvering.

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