Mimaki has launched a 3D printer, the Mimaki 3DFF-222 3D printer, a product co-branded with Sindoh, a manufacturer of 3D printers and multi-function printers based in South Korea.

The companies say they have developed the fused filament fabrication solution as an in house design and production tool.

The 3DFF-222 system prints in PLA (Poly-Lactic Acid) material, using filament cartridges. It prints parts up to 210mm x 200mm x 195mm (width x depth x height) and offers remote monitoring of each print job through a Mimaki app. The new platform joins the 3DUJ-553 in Mimaki’s portfolio of 3D printers.

The company sees flexibility and ease of use as key features of the new desktop 3D printer. It can produce customised print jigs, which can be used to stabilise print quality when printing on flatbed direct to shape UV LED printers from the Mimaki UJF Series.

Other features of the Mimaki 3DFF-222 3D printer include:

  • PLA filament – a hard, robust plant derived material made from corn and potato starch
  • Automatic filament supply – filament installation comprises insertion of a reeled filament in the dedicated cartridge and setting it to the main unit, the filament goes to the nozzle automatically
  • Auto filament cutting – also possible after the print job is complete
  • Flexible metal bed – has a built in thermostatic function, enabling stable formation and easy removal of the model, once ready
  • Bed levelling assist – automatic measuring of horizontal error of the table and correction also supports stable formation
  • Hepa air filter – prevents the discharge of foul air
  • Motor drivers – designed specially to reduce noise levels during operation
  • Camera and LED light – for remote monitoring with a smartphone or tablet

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