A new report from Keypoint Intelligence indicates how millennials, the largest living generation in the world, look at most of the direct mail they receive.
Born between 1982 and 2000, millenials mistakenly have a reputation as having an aversion to print. Keypoint Intelligence research indicates otherwise. Its State of Marketing Communications study reveals that 71 per cent of Millennials look at most of the direct mail they receive, while 36 per cent feel that companies sending direct mail are more serious about winning their business.
In positive notes for printers doing direct mail marketing, and looking to upsell print, including with embellishments, the research demonstrates that millennials are the most likely demographic to value personalised direct mail.
Kate Dunn, director for business development service at Keypoint Intelligence–InfoTrends, says, ““Despite generalisations about Millennials’ preference for digital communication, our research indicates that print remains an important part of the mix. This is a topic that we as an industry must focus on to help change perceptions in the market.”
The company will develop the study further, looking into millennials’ interest in and use of print-based communications, with specific focus on how use of colour, interactive cross-media functionality, sensory/tactile, paper quality/thickness/finish, and other enhancements that influence engagement.
This new study, Dispelling Myths About Millennials & Mail, will explore how Millennials align with and differ from other demographics when it comes to direct mail as a communication channel.

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