MGI has won a DuPont Award for packaging innovation, its second consecutive success.

The Diamond Finalist Award went to MGI Group for Jetvarnish 3D Digital Decoration Process. As the highest award group level, the Diamond Finalist Award recognises significant achievement in all three judging categories and evaluation criteria being: technological advancement, new materials, technology integration, increased production and distribution efficiency; responsible packaging, waste reduction, energy and environmental impact that benefits the greater good; and enhanced user experience, enables greater product accessibility, aids merchandising and motivates purchase.

MGI has expanded its product line with the world’s first B1+ size digital print enhancement press, the Jetvarnish 3D Evolution; the world’s first roll-fed digital print enhancement press, the Jetvarnish 3DWeb; and the the world’s first use of artificial intelligence for print registration, the AIS SmartScanner.

David Luttenberger, lead judge, says, “The MGI JETvarnish 3D Digital Decoration Process is an outstanding example of packaging innovation at its best. It is a breakthrough in technological advancement for digital printing.”

The jury said: “This technology allows companies to achieve a premium branded look for their folding cartons and labels without the time, cost and expense of using traditional dies, screens or plates. MGI has simplified the production decoration process for manufacturers, printers and converters.

“The JETvarnish 3D solution dramatically increases the speed and ability of consumer and commercial firms to bring new products to market at a lower cost. The workstation software offers rapid prototyping for new product launches and full high-volume production management.”


“The MGI innovation achieves 2D, 3D and Variable Foil Embossing on cartons and labels on a single line. The technology allows printers, converters and finishers to produce luxurious, eye-catching special effects with variable data personalization and customized short-runs faster and much less expensively than other printing technologies.”


“MGI’s innovative new system is a cost-effective, fully digital process that eliminates the time, waste and limitations of traditional foiling, UV screen and embossing methods.”


“For brand owners who are looking for more multi-sensory packaging to attract consumers at the point of sale, MGI has created the next level of digital print finishing technology.”

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