Magazine advertising makes the single most effective addition to a marketing mix, while out-of-home and magazines count as the best individual combination, according to new research by Fiftyfive5.

The study,. commissioned by Magazine Networks, displayed that advertising campaigns which include print magazines amongst their mix of media channels have a 22 per cent increase in brand trust. The authors contend that brands found in print magazines will also have a 55 per cent increase in favourability and a 29 per cent lift in purchase intent.

It showed positive results for print all round, with the combination of print magazines and out-of-home found to drive increases in brand interest and purchase intent. Magazine Networks says people were 3.2 times more likely to identify the brand as one they wanted to find out more about, with the duo achieving a 43 per cent increase in their likelihood to purchase.

Fiftyfive5 says it surveyed 3000 consumers online, splitting them across both magazine and non-magazine readers.Mary Ann Azer, executive director, Magazine Networks, says the study confirmed what the industry had already known, that the inclusion of print magazines in an advertising campaign has quantifiable and potent results.

She says, “Advertisers should not underestimate the incremental impact of magazines as they add something different to each media channel. These results can help support better channel planning depending on campaign objectives. If they’re not already utilising magazines, advertisers would do well to reconsider the role in the overall marketing mix.”

Magazine Networks is the marketing body of glossy magazine publishers and is funded by Bauer Media, Pacific Magazines and NewsLifeMedia.

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