Esko has unveiled a new version of its software featuring a host of advanced new features that enable businesses to connect systems and workflows, automate processes, and accelerate innovation to help navigate the challenges they face in today’s market.

From 3D to AI-powered bots, Esko has developed its software version 23.03 to enable customers to unlock value by improving working methods, eradicating waste and optimizing operational processes to overcome the challenges and bottlenecks associated with today’s megatrends.

“With our latest software release, we are demonstrating how innovation can make it easier to connect and to automate, enabling businesses to accelerate the go-to-market process of packaged goods from ideation through to the store shelf,” said Esko director of marketing, industry relations and strategy, Jan De Roeck. “Ultimately, by helping businesses achieve their core goals, we are building for a sustainable future.”

The latest release includes Phoenix, a new AI-based tool developed in collaboration with recently acquired Tilia Labs that unlocks planning and imposition productivity improvements with a seamless interface between prepress data and production data in Esko applications.

One of the new features is also Share & Approve complimentary access available to all Esko users, and a new gateway to connect from within ArtPro+ and DeskPack for easy, quick file sharing and centralizing annotations.

Esko also implemented ArtPro+ enhancements, upgraded viewing tools in Automation Engine, introduced enhanced 3D capabilities in Studio and further usability improvements for WebCenter.

“We have some truly exciting, brand new innovations that we are bringing to market,” De Roeck said. “We are excited to demonstrate how with our latest software solutions, we are addressing the key concerns and opportunities that 2023 brings. For example, we will show how with the AI technology of Phoenix, we can enable customers to revolutionize their planning and imposition process. 

“Building on that innovation journey, we will demonstrate how we can further connect and automate the workflow with a seamless interface between prepress data and production data, through brand new integrations with Automation Engine, ArtPro+ and ArtiosCAD.

“Furthermore, this release brings new technology that responds to the requirement in the supply chain to create ever more visual experiences. We have developed new 3D viewing capability available in Esko Studio, and new 3D viewing tools in Automation Engine as well as a whole host of updates and enhancements to the market-leading suite of integrated software solutions.”

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