Digital pioneer Benny Landa has sold his nascent Metallography technology, a zero waste alternative to foil transfer first shown at drupa last year

The yet to be commercialised technology found a buyer in German-based chemicals company Altana, Landa’s partner in its digital nanographic development programme, having invested some €100m into the Landa business in July 2014.

Landa says the motive will ‘enable Landa Digital to focus on Nanography while Altana takes over the final development work and commercialisation of its Metallography technology’.

Landa, still working on the commercialisation of his nanographic printing, had around 400 printers stump up $10,000 each five years ago for a place in the nano queue. As yet though, Landa has not rolled out anything reaching commercial acceptability.

Roland Peter, president of the Altana division Actega Coatings & Sealants, says, “Landa Metallography technology has the potential to become a sustainable mainstream technology for metallisation graphics, supplanting foil-transfer in applications such as labels and folding cartons.

“The novel Metallography technology is both economically attractive and environmentally sustainable, saving a significant amount of material, cost and production time compared to the conventional cold foil and hot foil stamping technology.”

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