UPM Raflatac has launched a new range of wash-off film labels for PET containers.

These clear, white and metallised film label stocks use UPM Raflatac’s RW85C wash-off adhesive and a PET liner made from 90 percent post-consumer recycled. The labels have application for PET containers in the food, beverage, home care and personal care segments.

Junion Zhao, director of films business for APAC UPM Raflatac, says, “Normally with PET packaging containers, once the label once it is stuck on, it cannot be separated, meaning they cannot be converted back to high value PET granules. 

“Now recyclable containers will be close to virgin grades, and made into new PET containers. The new solution can be applied on PET containers, and helping with the process, allowing them to be separated during the process without contaminated Pet flakes. So the bottles will support our brand owners in the market to support sustainability.”

The RW85C wash-off adhesive allows the labels to undergo common PET recycling processes without contaminating any of the PET flake by-products. During the caustic washing process, the polypropylene labels easily separate from PET containers and float, allowing more high-value, clean PET flakes to be recovered. They can then connvert the clean flakes back into PET containers.

Zhao says, “As the global drive to reduce plastic waste continues to gain speed, more and more packaging companies are looking for new and innovative solutions to maximize the recyclability of their PET containers. It is something which we developed after  talking with end-users, brand owners who need sustainable solutions.

“We are pleased to bring these wash-off labeling materials to market for our customers and brand owners aiming to achieve their sustainability targets. “Printing houses can use a regular printing process without any capital investment. So even small printers can take it up. The function is in our design of the adhesive. This means the solution is open to everyone.”

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