Kornit Digital has unveiled its latest direct-to-garment printers, the Avalanche R-series.

Kornit says the added recirculating ink system in the Avalanche R-Series saves 20 per cent of the ink and allows for faster system availability after the start-up process, while it prints up to 220 light and 160 dark garments per hour.

Kornit’s Avalanche platform is the company’s flagship direct-to-garment printing system. The new R-Series versions will replace the current systems. The capabilities of the R-Series are also available for existing Avalanche Hexa and Avalanche 1000 installations as an upgrade, says Kornit.

Guy Zimmerman, vice president of marketing and business development for Kornit Digital, says “The new Avalanche R-Series is a great example how a proven flagship product can be optimised towards even higher print quality, reliability and cost efficiency and I have noticed great reception of this new concept during the beta stage.”

Designed for the mass production of garments, the Avalanche 1000 R-Series has dual pallet industrial production capability, according to Kornit. The company says double bridge architecture allows for the white and colour print phases to occur in parallel, optimising dark garment efficiency.

Kornit explains both systems feature a print area of up to 90 x 60cm and 12cm wide pass printing, while an automatic height adjustment mechanism allows printing over buttons, zippers and other protruding objects.

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