Textile printing equipment manufacturer Kornit Digital reports its APAC region revenues doubling, while revenues globally have risen by 22 per cent.
Kornit has seen its Q1 profit increase from US$15m ($22.5m) in the prior corresponding period to US$17m in the first quarter of 2019. Ronen Samuel, chief executive at Kornit Digital, says, “Everything is changing in the textile, fashion, and apparel markets. Consumers want to connect to their identity, and express themselves, they are doing it through online e-commerce. It is booming because you buy whatever you want, and then return it if you do not like it.
“What we see now is that many graphic arts printers, whether they are in labels or commercial print, are starting to enter garment printing. Many already have the infrastructure to talk to consumers, with online web portals, W2P, and the logistics set up.
“Customers can ask for new products, not only business cards or brochures, but for printing on t-shirts. For them, Kornit has a great solution, as it is easy to use and offers quality. We see more and more graphic arts printers moving into the segment.”
While digital communications have replaced many commonly sold print products, including advertising, there are no such trends apply to textile printing. Samuel says, “Commercial print is declining, there is a huge pressure on margins, with huge competition. Print is being substituted by digital communications. This will not happen with clothes; people cannot walk around naked.
“There are more people in the world, standards of living and salaries are rising, and people want to express their identities through their clothing, with more personalised clothing. The margins are great, and will continue to be great, because it is a premium product.
“People are willing to pay more for shirts that they can connect to. This is why we see many graphic arts and commercial printers moving into printing on garments.”

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