Kodak has launched Prinergy Cloud, the on line version of its existing workflow software.
Allan Brown, vice president and general manager of Kodak’s Unified Workflow Solutions, says, “The benefits of cloud services for printers are clear. We are taking that one step further by delivering new, industry-first automation solutions that help PSPs make informed decisions to better serve their businesses, and in turn, increase profitability.”
Hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform, Kodak says customers will benefit from the 24/7 cloud service monitoring. The company developed the new system in partnership with Yellowfin and says it offers the print industry’s first analytics enabled workflow. This capability delivers intuitive dashboards that provide visibility into production costs and system performance by continuously collecting data from operations.
Yellowfin global sales manager Peter Baxter calls it an industry first solution. He says, “Powered by Yellowfin’s embedded analytics platform, Prinergy Cloud’s Decision Analytics capability empowers print service providers to effectively and efficiently monitor their production costs in real-time, improving operational performance and boosting profits.”
Kodak lists Prinergy Cloud services benefits as:
Take cost and risk control to the next level
Turn production data into actionable information enabling better decision making
Enjoy fast, reliable and secure cloud performance hosted by industry leader Microsoft Azure
Scale intelligently as your needs change
Control capital expense with SaaS pricing and stay current with the latest software 

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