Kodak has made its Sonora UV process free plates available in Asia.
The company claims the new plates can deliver longer run lengths for UV print applications than any other process free plate: up to 30,000 impressions. Kodak touts its advantages as environmental and economic, as well as offering an expanded set of opportunities associated with UV technology such as flexibility, high print quality, and faster drying times.
Richard Rindo, general manager for Kodak worldwide offset print and vice president for its print systems division, says, “Kodak is committed to investing in research and development that advances the capabilities of print service providers and equips them to offer a wider range of applications and tackle new markets while accomplishing all that in the most environmentally way possible.
“Over 3,000 customers around the world are yielding significant cost and environmental benefits from Sonora and with Kodak manufacturing facilities now located in the USA, Europe, Japan and China, printers across the globe benefit from faster supply, support and customer service.”
Kodak says the plates work with existing press setups and sequences. They can run on sheetfed, heatset web, and commercial coldset presses and can run applications such as commercial print, newspapers, offset packaging, and UV. Kodak adds that the plates also have application for packaging.
Torsten Gröger, production director at Die Werbeproduktion in Fulda, Germany, says, “As far as we’re concerned, there’s no alternative to Kodak’s process free plates when it comes to UV printing. We simply don’t have room for a plate processor, and these plates have the general advantage of less effort and lower costs for plate making as well as more stability.
“Thanks to the Kodak Sonora UV process free plate and the extensive capabilities of our press, which is equipped with numerous UV and print enhancement extras, we can produce complex and demanding jobs on any substrate. The level of creativity and quality is very high, and this kind of job would have been technically impossible a few years ago. The Sonora UV process free plate enables significantly longer run lengths with at least twice as many impressions as we get from the Sonora XP Plate.”

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