Paper and print advocate Two Sides Australia has launched a new magazine, which PriintNZ members will have access to and to give to their customers.
VoPP Mag will promote the value and effectiveness of paper and print, filled with a mixture of Australian, New Zealand and international content centred on how global marketing campaigns use print successfully. Kellie Northwood, Two sides executive director, says, “From our research, we know print is an effective media channel and we wanted to provide a publication for our members to promote their channel.
“Having said that, the magazine is not targeting printers, we have built articles that resonate with marketers, creative agencies and media buyers to raise awareness around some of the most successful campaigning using print.”
Two Sides has released the Spring issue with 10,000 copies for distribution across Australia and New Zealand. Ruth cobb, general manager of PrintNZ, says, “PrintNZ will have copies of the new magazine available for our members to give to their customers – particularly those dealing with marketers, designers and advertising agents. We are keen to spread the magazine and the good stories about print as far as possible. Members can contact us to get copies of the magazine and these will also be available through our field staff.”
Victorian commercial printer Lithocraft will print the magazine every September and March using paper provided by Sappi through KW Doggett Fine Paper. Victoria Fratin, VoPP Mag editor, says the Spring 2016 issue offers thoughts and insights from marketers to agency heads and business leaders.
She says, “Inspired by the latest news, research and trends in the world of print, media, advertising and marketing, the VoPP Mag celebrates successful campaigns to stimulate new ideas and ignite a conversation with our readers.”

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