A study by University of Auckland researchers, suggesting plain packaging and graphic warning labels could potentially reduce soft drink consumption amongst young people, has reached all the way to the UK.

The research reviewed  online replies from 600 young people, aged 13-24,  on their views as online to how plain packaging and warning labels influence buying habits. It found that plain packaging and warning labels had a bigger impact than price on whether or not a young person would buy a particular soft drink.

Mike Ridgway, speaking for the UK’s Consumer Packaging Manufacturers Alliance (CPMA) told Packaging News that the findins provide an example of the proliferation of what started with tobacco gaining momentum into other market sectors. He said, “What happened initially with tobacco in Australia is now being looked at by a host of other countries and the question is will this also become a trend with this time New Zealand starting the campaign for plain soft drinks packaging.”

The university of Auckland research leader Dr Cliona Ni Mhurchu said branding was a major factor in the young consumers decision making.’She added that between half and two-thirds of the young people surveyed supported putting warnings on sugary beverages.

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