KBA has refreshed its web shop, saying that the updated internet sales  offers enhanced features, fresh design, and a high level of user friendliness.
Thomas Potzkai, head of service at the KBA-Digital & Web, says, “Building on the experience of our already successful webshop, we have incorporated many ideas and tips from our customers in the new webshop.”
The company says customers will find it easier to navigate the web shop and to use all of the relevant content intuitively. The new KBA web shop will go online in time for the company’s 200th anniversary. 
The web shop roll out will begin with KBA-Digital & Web Solutions customers followed with a step by step progression worldwide. KBA-Sheetfed Solutions, the Swiss KBA-NotaSys, KBA-MetalPrint, KBA-Metronic and KBA-Flexotecnica will install the new web shop this year.
Users can acces the web shop on personal computers and common mobile devices. The update adds a number of features and search options such as the shopping cart function, offering the option of integrating consumable materials and parts subject to wear and tear in a cyclical ordering mode. An availability indicator helps customers to optimise purchasing planning, and warehouse management. 
Potzkai says, “Our web shop is an ongoing process. We will always offer new features and continuously develop our shop further – for example flowless coupling, so that orders can be triggered using customer-specific ordering systems.
“In addition to the broad product range, services can also be requested using the new KBA web shop, for example, a thermography audit or a machine network test.”

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