KBA-Sheetfed has broken the world record for die cut self adhesive labels at 17,000 sheets per hour.

The company invited international print and finishing specialists to its Print & Postpress Innovation Days at its facility in Germany, welcoming 250 participants from 30 countries.

Introducing the Rapida RDC 106 rotary die cutter to the audience, Mario Gerber, senior sales manager, postpress solutions, KBA, said, “Design features are shared with a Rapida printing press and the various process steps which can be implemented in the individual towers.

“These range from die-cutting and hole punching for in-mould and other label applications, via embossing, creasing, cutting and stripping for the processing of packaging products, through to tailored variants for commercial users.

“The machines offer cutting outputs of up to 15,000 sheets per hour, depending on the substrate and the required contours, and can thus match the speed of a modern sheetfed-offset press. Productivity is increased by up to 300 per cent for label applications, and folding carton producers can also look forward to a 65 per cent increase in efficiency.”

The single-unit Rapida RDC 106 rounded off the day by processing the in mould and self-adhesive labels which had been printed on the six-colour Rapida 106 with coater and cold foil module.

Despite the tricky job change from classic die-cutting to kiss-cutting, the machine was back in production in next to no time. As the final highlight of the show, the Rapida RDC 106 then ran the self-adhesive label production at the world record speed of 17,000 sheets per hour.

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