Koenig & Bauer intends to demonstrate how large format printing can connect with LED-UV in a demonstration next month.

The company has invited commercial printers to presentations of an eight-colour Rapida 145 perfector press, with accompanying lectures and extensive practical demonstrations to provide insights into technologies to make four-over-four production more efficient.

The fully automated press runs perfecting production with sheets up to format 106 x 145 cm and at speeds up to 15,000 sheets per hour. The company says that highlights of the demonstrations will include the autonomous printing of flyers, brochures and other typical web-to-print products – also in AutoRun mode.

As a world premiere in large format, the eight-colour perfector press features LED-UV drying technology. A reel sheeter enables the alternating use of reel and sheet stocks. The demo will also feature tailored solutions for networked production in large-format commercial printing, such as the Rapida LiveApps, the Optimus Dash MIS, LogoTronic Professional and Connected Services.

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