KBA Sheetfed has formed a strategic alliance in the field of inline finishing with  – Actega Coatings & Sealants, a division of the global speciality chemicals group Altana.
The companies have an existing partnership but say this new agreement places activities on a higher, strategic level. Actega products, tested on Rapida sheetfed offset presses, will carry a seal of quality approved and licensed varnish by KBA. The cooperation covers water-based, UV, HR-UV and LED-UV coatings.
KBA says it wants to ensure the availability of high-quality coating systems for its high-performance sheetfed offset presses, adding that during commissioning, the use of correspondingly approved products under uniform conditions will serve to establish application standards, which will safeguard finishing quality and high performance in the inline coating process.
The company says that all users who obtain their coating products through the Actega sales network will benefit from the predefined product standards, as new products will already be tested and optimised for use on Rapida sheetfed offset presses.
Plans include joint product and sales training; print demonstrations at KBA, at fairs and at customer events; the development of appropriate starter kits to be supplied with new presses; and continuous further development of the products concerned. To this end, the company will conduct regular tests its Rapida presses installed at the KBA customer centre.
The companies have further joint projects in the pipeline, including the annual Actega-Terra calendar and user-oriented marketing activities.

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