Jet Technologies has announced a new range of speciality films, Soft Touch, in black, gold, and white, available from early next year.

B&F Papers distributes Jet films in New Zealand. Damon Norton, sales manager for films at Jet, says, “For a long time we have been offering a high-quality anti-scuff matte film, Durophan Plus. It has been very well received.

“Alongside that in our specialty line up is Soft Touch, which has been around for a while. We have now partnered with Derprosa, the coating technology patent holder in Europe. With Derprosa we have the right products, with the right supply lines. 

“Knowing that we are working with the inventors of soft touch gives us a lot of pride in offering these films.It is a wonderful standalone in clear, and now we have added black, gold, silver and white. So for us it is about value-add. We want our clients to recover as much as they can when laminating.

“On the Soft Touch films, embellishing can be achieved via spot UV, hot foil stamping and embossing. We want our clients to offer a point of difference to creatives and brand managers. Once they get a sense of what is possible with these products, we feel strongly that they will create new levels of emotional response to their print work. Through Jet the general trade will have a supply line that they can work with alongside creatives to make the most of the tactile and visual possibilities that our films offer.

“It is all about options and being able to offer our expertise to clients so they can lift their return on finishing processes.”

They will be formally released early next year, with the company noting limited amounts will be available prior to that.

Norton says, “I believe we have the product right, and the supply lines right. It is about making sure people know about it.

“Keep a look out for digital versions of the Durophan Plus and Soft Touch films. It is something we are working on.”

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