Kodak has launched version 10.0 of its web-based Kodak Prinergy Insite Portals.

The portals provide 24/7 access from anywhere. Kodak has upgraded the Kodak Prinergy Insite Prepress Portal (IPP) and the Kodak Prinergy Insite Creative Workflow (ICW)with multiple new enhancements. This includes improved usability thanks to collapsible job group lists in IPP to reduce the amount of scrolling.

The IPP allows printers and their customers to submit jobs, track progress, collaborate on changes, and proof and approve work. The ICW supports creative design and content creation, reviews, revisions, approvals and asset management within a tightly controlled, task-based process.

The newly implemented two-factor authentication at login safeguards data and personally identifiable information. The upgrade has integrated open authorisation for Microsoft Office 365into IPP and ICW for greater security. And overall, the increased security within the IPP and ICW infrastructure helps to prevent malicious attacks.

In addition, the Insite Gateway plug-in, which Kodak released in version 9.5, establishes a direct connection between the Adobe Creative Suite and the IPP. This allows you to transfer PDF files created with the creative software applications easily, quickly and accurately to a job on the IPP server.

Jim Barnes, chief information technology implementation officer for Kodak, says, “The release of the Prinergy Insite Portals version 10.0 means all essential components and optional add-ons of the Kodak Prinergy Platform are now up to date and consistent.

“The new version provides printers with increased performance; helps them meet customer requirements faster and error-free; and makes the digital infrastructure for collaboration with customers and creative professionals more secure.

“This launch is further evidence that Kodak continues to support its customers in the printing industry with the continuous development of its software solutions as a trusted partner.”

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