Graph-Pak says companies on both sides of the Tasman have good reason to invest in Rollem Insignia rotary die-cutters from Graph-Pak.

The latest to nab one is leading Australian trade printer CMYKhub. Dayne Nankervis, chief executive at CMYKhub, says the purchase will help the company improve its service to its customers with better quality and faster turnarounds.

He says, “Matching capacity to order volumes is a constant challenge. We are running up to seven cylinders to keep up. Our customers require fast turnaround, and the old cylinders did not provide the required scalability to meet this requirement.

“The Rollem rotary die cutter will allow CMYKhub to move highly skilled operators to more critical areas in the business, and at the same time improve our turnaround times for our customers.

“We will start adding and expanding our die cut offering to our customers. If our customers want a particular product, we will certainly look to add it to our offering with this machine. There won’t be much hesitation with a machine with this quality.”

CMYKhub has purchased machines from Graph-Pak since its early days. It has several Graph-Pak installations across Australia. These include; small and large laminators; digital inkjet spot UV machines; and the Rollem Insignia rotary die cutter.

Nankervis adds that the Rollem Insignia allows the company to maintain a competitive price point when it only needs one flexible die. He says, “We have knew of its strengths and the hybrid model clinched it for us. It provides the right amount of flexibility.”

Makeready in minutes

The Rollem Insignia IS7 hybrid machine offers the ability to use a single cutting tool, or a paired set of dies when looking to produce packaging products or other scored work.

When running a single cutting die, it wraps a blank lower jacket around the lower cylinder. This acts as the cutting surface for the upper die. This setup allows for cost savings on tooling when producing straight die cut product and or die-cut or kiss-cut decal work.

When producing boxes or the like, a paired set of dies means zero makeready. In addition, it enables embossing and debossing of substrates in a single pass.

Tom Ralph, managing director of Graph-Pak, says, “Operators can also use the twin drum as a single counting drum. It offers the capability to turn it off and on based on demand. Also, the machine offers die-cutting, kisss-cutting, embossing, perforating, and scoring on a huge range of stocks, to 30pt to 650gsm.

“The machine also has an inline stripping system, which means you get get a finished product out the end. It takes only minutes to set up compared to large flatbed cutters, which can take a couple of hours.

“The tooling for this type of machine is a flexible plate that is held on through high power magnetic drums. As a result, makeready for the operator is in minutes and maintenance is minimal.”

Solid build

Insignia machines weigh between two and five tonnes depending on size of machine (die cutting section only). These machines are built strong with thick solid side-frames measuring between 38 to 64mm to house the cylinder section and support the cutting station.

“With dense material, you require tremendous forces to withstand the pressures needed to die-cut all the way through the substrate. The Insignia machines can apply up to 1500kg of downward force directly to the cutting station, ensuring the flexible dies can cut through the substrate.”

Rollem offers the Insignia machines in two delivery configurations. Firstly, with a StackMaster Receding Stacking Unit, designed to accept either full sheets of kiss cut labels or die cut product. Second, with a Shingle Conveyor Table that delivers cut pieces out for continuous offloading.

Designed for high volume runs, the StackMaster delivery system needs less operator offloading. This delivery system becomes significant when running die cut product in many lanes as the offloading labour becomes intensive.

Ralph says, “CMYKhub has identified that the investment will give them a roughly 400 per cent uptake on previous die cutting technology. The company sees a huge future with Graph-Pak and the Rollem Insignia machines. And having used this they said they could do with another one at their premises.

“We have seen a number of companies invest in Rollem Insignia machines. We are excited because everyone has been through quite a tough period with the pandemic. A company like CMYKhub needs the best technology and it shows everything else in its strategy is first class.”

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