Fujifilm Business Innovation Asia Pacific has announced the 14th Innovation Print Awards winners.

The annual competition honours the most outstanding and innovative users of Fujifilm graphic communication solutions across the region. It received 248 entries from Australia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam.

The awards welcome entries of digitally printed communications created on any Fujifilm Business Innovation or Fujifilm products. Out of 28 winning entries, 22 entries were printed using the Iridesse Production Press.

The winning entry of the Best Innovation Award from Art Book Coop. online in Japan was printed on both Iridesse Production Press and Fujifilm Jet Press 750S.

A panel of independent judges with print and design expertise, and regional judging experience in print competitions, assessed the entries. were at the heart of these awards. Head judge Paul Callaghan said, “We are simply in awe with these amazing colours and would not have seen them just a few years back.

“The sheer highlights of gold, silver and pink simply stood out in this year’s competition, and we were heartened to see businesses adopting new technology and applications. The judging process is definitely tougher than previous years, as the entries received this year are truly world-class.”

New judge Sarah Tang added, “When it comes to design, I have to look at the entry in its entirety. So, it is not just about the visual aesthetics. Rather, it is about how well the concept is executed. It is about effective communication.

“Graphic designers will have to update themselves with new technologies and tools to bring out the best for their clients.”

Design creativity

Scott Mackie, general manager, Graphic Communications Business Group at Fujifilm Business Innovation Asia Pacific, said, “The winner of the Best Innovation Award contains exceptional design creativity while applying technological ability to raise the bar once again.

“From the materials, metallic duotones, beautiful photography and simple complexity of print, it is truly a fantastic piece of work, made to look easy. We would like to thank our customers for their hard work and taking time to make a submission. I am encouraged to see the remarkable quality of entries submitted this year. The works really exuded boundless creativity and showed everyone’s persistent drive for innovation.”

The company will showcase the winning entries in the Fujifilm Business Innovation Graphic Communication showroom in Tokyo, Japan and in regional Graphic Communication industry events. To further profile these talents, Fujifilm Business Innovation Asia Pacific will submit all entries to the Asian Print Awards.

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