Inkjet technology company Xaar has expanded its 3D printing business, announcing the opening of a 3D centre in the UK this month.

The 3D centre will deliver 3D printing services and equipment to manufacturers, material suppliers and end users. The company sees its 3D expansion as key part of its strategy. The head of the 3D centre, Professor Neil Hopkinson, invented High Speed Sintering technology (HSS), joined Xaar in March 2016 to develop the Company’s 3D business.  HSS is a revolutionary technology which uses inkjet print heads and infrared heaters to manufacture products layer by layer from polymer powder materials at what Xaar claims as much higher speeds than other additive manufacturing processes.

Xaar’s UK and Denmark teams will focus on development of materials and applications with global brand partners. Hopkinson says, “I am delighted to confirm our investment in the Xaar 3D Centre in Nottingham and our 3D team including the new group in Copenhagen. As we build our business in 3D it is vital that we have the in-house expertise to support our partners. The addition of the team in Denmark further extends our capability.”

Doug Edwards, chief executive at Xaar, says, “3D Printing is an important part of our strategic plan to grow total Group sales to £220 million by 2020. Our investments in the Nottingham and Copenhagen teams will significantly expand our capability in this sector, enabling us to achieve our growth plans.”

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