At the Hunkeler Innovationdays 2017, Hunkeler Systeme AG will use various exhibits to underline the importance of disposal logistics.

The company says disposal logistics play a central role in print finishing systems. It says only if the technology works faultlessly is economical operation of the overall system secured, “Disposal logistics must therefore be viewed as a component of the entire production system and included in planning from the outset.”

The focus will be placed on further processing in the printing industry (offset and digital) and security printing. During the trade fair, a large-scale system will ensure the disposal of paper scraps and milling dust on three-knife trimmers and binders for several exhibition partners.

The system works according to the efficient vacuum principle: the air is freed of paper dust by a filter system and released into the atmosphere following purification. An energy saving system (ESS) and an automatic cut-off feature (ASS) reduce the costs of system operation by up to 40 percent. Compact waste extraction systems of the HKU series will be used for the local disposal of production waste at several exhibition stands.

For national bank and security printing plants, Hunkeler Systeme AG has developed a system for the safe destruction of banknotes and other securities. The waste is shredded into particles with a diameter of six millimeters and pressed into compact briquettes. Pallets are identified via barcode and tracked in the workflow. The workflow is monitored via the Hunkeler Control Manager.

Hunkeler Systeme AG will be presenting the Hunkeler Document Destruction System (HDDS-30) for the safe disposal of electronic components. The system destroys hard disks, laptops and desktop computers as well as paper files and documents. Information stored on data carriers is safely destroyed in accordance with DIN standard 66399.

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