REATING a logistics and technology hub at Auckland Airport has given Fuji Xerox New Zealand a chance to share its technology with customers at an easy to reach location.

The new logistics and technology centre covers 6,400sqm close to Auckland Airport. Around 180 staff members work at the brand new building, which completed construction in February. It complements Fuji Xerox’s offices in the central city.

Gavin Pollard, managing director of Fuji Xerox New Zealand, says the amenities on offer, and the accessible location, made it an easy decision to move from the company’s old site in Hargreaves Street in St Mary’s Bay.

He sees Fuji Xerox New Zealand positioned well to take on the challenges facing print solution suppliers in the local market. He says, “This facility will become the key logistics hub for our New Zealand operation. “With this in mind, it was critical that we found a location that provided easy access to the Auckland region, to New Zealand and to the rest of the world.”

“We were also impressed with the scale and quality of Auckland Airport’s developments, in particular the planning and investment it is directing towards creating a world-class business environment. This in turn enables us to showcase our latest technologies, as well as catering to the needs of our staff and customers.”

Customers travelling from around the country have easy access to the new facility, situated minutes from the airport terminal.

Mark Thomson, general manager for property at Auckland Airport, welcomes Fuji Xerox’s decision to move there. He says, “We are thrilled that Fuji Xerox has selected Auckland Airport as its property partner and The Landing as its location of choice.

“The location already has outstanding connectivity, but what really sets it apart is the quality working environment we are creating; from the high standards, of building and landscape design and generous public spaces and planting, through to the outstanding amenity that is available for staff and customers to enjoy.”

Recently, the company entertained a few hundred guests at the facility, giving them the opportunity to see some of Fuji Xerox technology in action.

The Lava Lounge-themed event, emceed by Austin Powers, featured 60s music, hospitality, and experts running any number of Fuji Xerox print solutions.

The showrooms at the hub contains almost the full range of print technology the company offers in New Zealand, from its multi-function office printers right up to the flagship iGen 5 digital production press. The showrooms also feature a full complement of wide format machines and 3D printers.

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