HP has announced the new PageWide Advantage 2200 series press.

Annette Friskopp, global head and general manager at HP PageWide, says, “This new PageWide Advantage platform is a game changer for the commercial print industry.

“HP has listened to our customers, and we realise ease of use and uptime are critical success factors. This new press offers configurations to enable customers to optimise the press for their quality, productivity, versatility, and economics to grow their digital production businesses.”

High value applications

The HP PageWide Advantage 2200 can print at speeds up to 150 metres per minute colour and 244 metres per minute mono. HP says that, with the ability to print using HP Brilliant Ink and 2400 native nozzle per inch printheads, the new press offers top notch quality to address a range of higher value applications, from more colourful trade and educational books to high coverage, impactful direct mail pieces that differentiate clients in the market.

The press handles a range of media weights from 40gsm up to 300gsm. For reliability and ease of use, the HP PageWide Advantage 2200 includes a single print arch design. Also, its paper path has fewer components. As a result, it reduces the number of parts to manage as well as overall maintenance and servicing time.

Its modular design enables customers to start with a lower capacity machine and enhance it as their business grows or their application mix shifts. Customers can select one, two or three dryer modules along with passive or active web cooling modules to fit their needs. In addition, the HP PageWide Advantage 2200 features a compact single engine duplex design. This provides high quality and productivity while saving floor space for customers. It comes equipped with HP’s High Efficiency Drying system. This minimises power usage at higher print speeds by recirculating up to 80 per cent of the air heated during the drying process.

Customers increase productivity

Kevin Hughes, chief operating officer at US-based direct mailing company SG360º, says, “We were pleased to see the HP PageWide Advantage 2200 team wrap up installation in one week. Time is money in our business. So this accomplishment is terrific for both SG360º & HP customers. Additionally, within weeks of this press being in operation, we have printed over 20 million images. We are absolutely excited for future possibilities using its terrific print quality.”

Another US printer that has the new press is O’Neil Digital Solutions. Its senior vice president of plant management Ann Gayou, says, “As a long-time customer and partner with the HP PageWide team, we have purchased 13 PageWide web presses and we are quite excited to have installed the very first HP Advantage in the world. Our operators were able to easily learn the latest features and simplicity of operations. We were producing millions of pages a week in no time. We selected a two HED dryer configuration and are thrilled with the press’s productivity and the quality of HP Brilliant Ink.”

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