Can do: The Albatross range of chemistry includes treatments in a can

Developed and manufactured in the US, Albatross screen printing chemistry is supplied in New Zealand through Hi-Tec Ink.

Les King, managing director of Hi-Tec Ink, says, “Albatross has over 120 years’ experience servicing every phase and facet of the textile and related industries globally, from graphic arts and screen printing to apparel manufacturing, embroidery and direct to garment.

“Albatross manufactures cost-effective chemical products that comply with the most rigorous health, safety and environmental regulations. This means Hi-Tec Ink can supply all the screen printing essentials, from press and screen washes to pre-treatments in a can.”

From June, Hi-Tec Ink will stock Alba-Pre and Alba-Bro. Alba-Pre is designed for Epson and like machines and ink. Alba-Bro is specifically designed for Brother printers and inks. You can use these as a sole pre-treat or as a complement to pre-treatment machines. King says, “These are fantastic pre-treats in aerosol form. The distinctive nozzle applies a smooth even coat with minimal overspray. For lighter garments, only one light coat can be used. Short runs, hats, small print areas (i.e. left pocket print) number among the examples where Alba-Pre and Bro are preferred over pre-treatment machines. They are perfect for sleeves, left chest and other small print areas

“AlbaChem Premium Flash Adhesive has performed remarkably well in the New Zealand market already. AlbaChem Premium Flash adhesive has both a good cold tack and a great hot tack. The mist spray is activated by a heat flash. The tack increases each time you flash the pallet greatly reducing the need for reapplication. It will not become ‘gummy’ from a flash. It is great for automatic presses with multiples flashes. It is also stable at high temperatures.”

Cleaning out

King says, “Albatross offers a comprehensive range of cleaning solutions.”

Plast Wipe is a water soluble press wash for plastisol and other screen print inks. King says, “Plast Wipe cuts ink fast and wipes off clean with little or no residue. It will not ‘lock-in’ emulsions, making the reclaiming process faster and easier and it works particularly well with colour changes on press or clean up in the reclaim area. You can use it manually, in re-circulation systems, or enclosed automated systems. You can also use it to clean up water-based pallet adhesives from pallets.”

Sten-X stencil remover is a ‘ready for use’ emulsion remover. King says, “Sten-X quickly breaks down emulsion for fast efficient screen reclamation. It removes emulsions and capillary films from screens and has superior wetting properties with no precipitation of active ingredients. Biodegradable and VOC free Sten-X is perfect for printers who do not want to make their own emulsion removers.”

Sten-Erase CR stencil remover comes ready to use. You can use it as an extra strength emulsion remover or dilute it up to 4:1 with water. Designed for quick removal of water resistant emulsions, it removes emulsions and capillary films from screens and it degreases while cleaning.

R.S.W. Screen Wash, a low evaporation press wash and recirculating solvent is designed for both recirculating systems and manual screen cleaning. It is ideal for quickly washing the screen after the press run. Non-toxic, it has a high flash point and easily deals with dried or clogged ink.

D-Grade ink degradant is specially formulated to remove plastisol ink from both water resistant and pure photopolymer type stencils without softening or damaging the stencil. It also removes offset ink from rollers and blankets; it will not swell the rubber surface. It offers low vapour pressure, and low odour and it is completely biodegradable with low volatility. It washes off with water, but it quickly breaks down plastisol, solvent, graphic and other types of screen printing inks. D-Grade makes the reclamation process fast and easy. Operators can use it on press, in a washout booth or in a recirculating system.

Sten-Erase CR can be used as a strong ready to use emulsion remover or as a concentrate that can be mixed up to 4:1 with water. Great for direct and indirect emulsions as well as capillary films. Sten-Erase CR is an effective, versatile, biodegradable emulsion remover used straight or diluted.

SRC stencil removing concentrate is the strongest liquid concentrated emulsion remover available that does not ship as a hazardous material, according to Albatross. King adds, “SRC is economical to use and ship. Great for all size shops, it is drain safe and biodegradable.”

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