Heidelberg  has redesigned its Speedmaster CX 75 and XL 75 presses to enhance user friendliness.

The company sees the 50 x 70 cm format as the perfect fit for small and medium-sized printing companies for their product ranges in commercial and packaging printing. Many packaging printers in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics segment in particular use the 50 x 70 format, which offers benefits for small folding carton sizes and a high level of embellishment, as well as short runs.

Delivery of the redesigned Speedmaster CX 75 and XL 75 presses begins next month. Frank Süsser, product manager for the 50 x 70 format, says, “We have seen how the topic of user ergonomics has increased in importance. Even though automation looks after many routine tasks today, the operator always has something to do on the machine, like staging printing plates, adding ink, changing washup cloths and rubber blankets, or doing maintenance. The generous space between the printing units in the Speedmaster XL 75 and CX 75 is already useful, however we went a step further and modernized the entire gallery concept even more.”

The company used the design of the Speedmaster XL 106 as the inspiration for the changes, which it transferred to both machines. This includes both the gallery concept as well as the feeder and delivery gantries. Heidleberg will display the new look at Pack Print in Thailand in September and at a customer event in October in Heidelberg’s Print Media Center Commercial in Wiesloch-Walldorf. Süsser adds,“This is the first foretaste of drupa 2020. Other innovative solutions will follow to make our customers in the 50 x 70 format even more successful.”

Heidelberg has already installed a Speedmaster XL 75 five-colour press with coating unit and the new design at Theiler Druck in Switzerland. Michel Schwander, head of commercial printing at Theiler Druck, says, “Our Speedmaster CD 74 was already a great machine but the new Speedmaster XL 75 is another level. Even after just a few days, our printers can’t imagine life without the new ergonomic design. Working on the machine is fun now. It’s much more comfortable to operate, and therefore less tiring. As far as technology, the machine is also right up to date.

The company uses the machine to produce brochures, mailings, advertising materials, and packaging. He says, “With AutoPlate Pro, Prinect Inpress Control, and the entire Preset control system, the individual work steps are now carried out fully automatically, are highly automated, and are also clearly visualidsed on the Wallscreen. This means that we can produce one job after the other much more quickly and efficiently.” 

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