Heidelberg will continue to push its 4D printing capabilities, presenting an extended range for 4D printing at InPrint 2016 in Milan next month.
The company uses the term 4D printing to describe the digital, flexible, colour, and personalised printing of objects. At Milan, it will debut the Heidelberg Omnifire 1000 as a complement to the Omnifire 250 range already on the market.
Jason Oliver, head of digital at Heidelberg, says, “Following the huge success last year, we will once again be using InPrint as a marketplace for ideas for showing manufacturers of consumer goods and industrial users the design options and benefits provided by our 4D technology.
Heidelberg will show applications of the technology from the worlds of sport, aviation, and travel. In live demos, visitors can see how 4D printing can turn suitcases from an international brand into personalised one-off pieces. Oliver says, “There are many different ways of cost-effectively personalising mass-produced items or increasing the automation and flexibility of production lines in industrial environments such as the automotive, furniture, or design industry.
As well as live demonstrations, experts from Heidelberg will explain how to integrate 4D technology into business models.

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