Industry supplier Graph-Pak has secured $1m in sales surrounding PacPrint, after placing a plethora of equipment onto its stand.

Tom Ralph, managing director, Graph-Pak says, “I believe that the profit everyone is making comes apart from the ink on paper these days. Embellishing, foiling, laminating is increasing and growing because people want more value add, they want more bang for their dollar. Printers have to seriously consider taking this stuff in house.

“This time at PacPrint we brought all our heavy metal. We did what we normally do; shoehorned it into a small area, and made it look workable.

“We sold the bulk of everything on the stand plus two or three more of everything, so it was a fantastic show, and great result. We had about a million dollars in turnover between the lead up and post-sales. We are more than happy with that, it covers the show. We had a lot of fun, and made a lot of new friends.

“The Autobond Mini-76 was our biggest seller, a big drawcard for the stand. We have 115 Autobonds sold in Australasia, and more than 70 of that particular model.”

“We also had the latest in paper-counting technology. It is an Italian machine called B.Matic, we were lucky enough to have their sales manager fly over for the show. This is a new-edge as far as that technology goes. It is the B.Matic Protec ADR 32, which is a paper tagger/flagger, and we have the B.Matic F-320 counter.”

Graph-Pak will continue bringing new kit to the market. Ralph says, “Coming up is foil over spot UV with Autobond, and that will be available in September.”

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