Goss International has announced the acquisition of Loudon Machine in an asset transaction.

The company sees the deal as a continuation of trajectory of strategic growth. Stan Blakney, chief operating officer of Goss, says, “This is our second acquisition in 2017 to help grow our aftermarket business and enhance our product offerings. This purchase focuses on the post-press segment of the market, and enables us to enhance our bindery products and service and parts capabilities.”

Loudon Machine, a full-service company focused on the commercial printing industry, specialises in the worldwide supply of new and refurbished bindery equipment, parts and service, with a product line extending from saddle stitchers, feeders and bases to shuttle hoppers, test stands, and trimmers. In addition to its printing industry expertise, Loudon has several custom manufacturing services.

Goss and Loudon say they will work to further expand their joint capabilities in the finishing and bindery segment of the commercial printing business, while augmenting the scope of Goss’ customer service range. Loudon co- owner Noah Brandenburger says, “Boone and I are excited to join the Goss family. Together, we are in a much stronger position to service our customers long into the future.”

Blakney says, “We want to be able to fulfil customers’ needs for new and refurbished equipment throughout, from press to post-press. Loudon enhances our capabilities as we continue to push down the path towards expanding our aftermarket business. We will continue to look for additional opportunities for both organic and inorganic growth.”

Mohit Uberoi, chief executive officer and president of Goss, adds, “We are very pleased with the progress made at Goss under the ownership of our shareholder American Industrial Partners. We look forward to announcing more acquisitions and collaboration deals in the near future, reaffirming our commitment to the printing industry.”

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