Pride In Print organisers have developed a concept, put forward by past chairman Scott Porter, to further honour multi-gold medal winners and to assist them with marketing.

Porter suggested creating an over 50 and 100 Medal Winners Club. On Monday, the Pride In Print Awards Committee unanimously agreed to this idea for the 2019 campaign.

Companies that have attained this achievement, winners of over 50 Gold or 100 Gold Medals since the inception of the awards, will have a new logo placed on all certificates produced for this years winning work and they will also receive a logo they can use in their own marketing.

The companies that sit just below this threshold may see themselves inaugurated into this special group this year. Pride In Print will announce all the new club members as part of the Top Awards at the annual awards ceremony. Members of this elite group will stand out for sustained excellence in their execution of printing in New Zealand.

Sue Archibald, awards manager for Pride In Print, says, “I am excited to have the opportunity to get out to the print community a further opportunity to celebrate successes. After all, that’s what Pride In Print is all about: promoting print excellence.”

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