Customer communications management (CCM) company GMC Software has rebranded to Quadient, combining the capabilities of three Neopost sister companies: GMC Software, Satori Software and Human Inference.

Henri Dura, CEO of Quadient says, “CX is the new battleground for business and understanding customers and the current state of their experience throughout the customer journey is critical to an organization’s success. As companies look to compete, they are facing four foundational forces: the power consumers now have, the growing number of channels, the evolving mandates for regulatory compliance and the proliferation of data throughout their organization.

“The Quadient solution suite makes it possible for companies to offer a seamless experience with the delivery of exceptional, meaningful and accurate communications that address these forces to drive exceptional customer experiences.”

The company says Quadient is used to generate close to half of all variable printed volume in New Zealand, with Users like NZ Post, Blue Star, Wickliffe and Rainbow Print all using Quadient software to generate digital output.

ReDigital represents Quadient in the NZ market and says there is a much wider interest in the CCM market and current trends like the re-positioning of GMC, now Quadient and the growth of omnichannel communications.

Quadient says “The new name represents a set of four complementary capabilities, dealing with real issues being faced by enterprises today – they are CCM: helping businesses deliver better communications to customers in the new omnichannel world; consumer power, consumers are now more empowered – how do you connect to them in a highly relevant way? Regulations, how do you compete with the super-brands like Google, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, whilst dealing with ever increasing regulation and compliance? And data explosion is ensuring you data is clean and is of value, is easily accessible, whilst at the same time it is safe. This is an ongoing challenge.”

Quadient explains the (i) in the middle of the new  name represents the delivery of innovative solutions. The (ent) at the end of Quadient is all about the Enterprise customers and the Service Providers who support enterprises. This being the primary market for Quadient.

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