GASAA says a key focus since its inception has been in the area of colour management and industry standards. GASAA’s PACC programme provides its growing number of printer members with the comfort of knowing that there is a clear separation between colour consulting services, upgrade sales and colour standard certification.

CMYKit received the highest rating with GASAA, having demonstrated its commitment to fixed priced expert colour implementation, reliable after sales support and independence from third party software/hardware sales.

Garry Knespal, executive officer of GASAA says, “A separation between consulting, upgrade sales and colour standard certification is fundamental to GASAA’s approach in giving printers affordable and independent service.”

He continues, “We have taken time to settle on the PACC arrangements to give members and the industry price certainty when seeking PSO and ISO certification. We also know how important it is to our approved consultants that we are fair and rigorous in our dealings. CMYKit certainly tick all the required boxes for GASAA Premier Approve Colour Consultancy.”

Meanwhile, Jason Hall, director of CMYKit and Ugra certified colour expert says, “We are delighted to work with GASAA to set-out an affordable, fixed priced and staged approached to gaining Ugra PSO at a discounted price to GASAA members. As we do not sell hardware or software, printers using the services of CMYKit have the added comfort of knowing we will focus on working with existing equipment wherever possible.”

Hall continues, “CMYKit have also elected to exclusively partner with GASAA and Ugra because they offer the only arms length PSO audit of Prepress and Printing companies. This guarantees the unparalleled credibility and absolute piece of mind that ISO colour standards can be achieved in house day after day.”


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