Wellington-based About Print has installed a Fuji Xerox iGen 5 digital press.

About Print directors Tai Walters and Jon Devonshire believe the iGen 5 will fit well with their overall strategy. Walters says, “Part of our mantra is to produce quality digital print. We needed a quality printer to stand above the rest.

“The iGen 5 delivers great quality with the robustness of a high volume production platform. Because it is a five-colour press, it widens our gamut of colours. This makes it ideal for the design based industry here in New Zealand, therefore a great fit for everyone. It also offers flatter printing and a larger sheet size but, best of all; it is a proven robust production press.”

Supplying print nationwide, About Print has some 24 years’ experience in the industry but never rests on its laurels. Walters says, “Four years ago, Jon and I decided it was time to use our knowledge and experience to fill a void in the market: quality, quick, and cost effective digital print with an emphasis on service.

“We had both seen the service and fun element leave our industry and that was our calling; to provide service and fun for all involved, from client, to suppliers and staff.”

Like other companies in the industry, About Print has seen major, and some minor, changes in the sector and has had to adapt to deal with those changes. He says, “We keep pace by moving and changing with the times, I have heard too many printers say, they should have done this or that. We work closely with Fuji Xerox to predict where the market is going, and apply that to our knowledge base. We are in our fourth year and we have already made three generation shifts with our printing machines. You can’t stay still in this market.”

He sees changes to the business environment also presenting ongoing challenges. He says, “Being service oriented means we listen to the changing needs of our customers, or to the global shifts that are happening. Not being afraid of changing is a great way to embrace an ever changing market.

“Many printers have already suffered the wrath of not adapting. History is a great teacher but sometimes you also have to create your own trend.”

About Print offers sound advice for staying relevant. He says, “You need to select the best; this could be people or machinery. Never settle, and always do your homework. Plus, have a plan. We know where we want to be in five years, and in 10 years’ time. Having the finish line in sight helps you focus.”

It values its relationship with Fuji Xerox. Walters says, “It provides us a future pathway for technology advancement, advice and support. Through its national and global network we have been able to plan the way forward for our business. Fuji Xerox understands our business and helps us to shape our offering.”

He believes the New Zealand Print industry has the strength and character to thrive. He says, “Print locally is robust. People talk of too many printers and of cut throat pricing but, focus on what you do well and do it well. Remember to provide good service and, most of all enjoy the ride. This is supposed to be fun.”

Fuji Xerox expects the global digital production colour market to grow significantly from nearly 460 billion pages today to 725 billion pages globally by 2018.

The company expects its iGen presses to feature among that print tonnage.  Offering a significantly extended colour gamut with an optional fifth colour, with no additional click charge, the Fuji Xerox iGen 5 can hit up to 90 per cent of Pantone colours in the blue, green, and orange gamut directions.

The company has introduced a mix of higher levels of automation and innovations aimed at reduced set-up time and waste pages; improved image quality, reduced labour investment; and faster turnaround times. On top of its new features, the machine boasts typical iGen capabilities like the automated colour quality suite, a colour maintenance tool; an in-line spectrophotometer; auto density control; auto carrier dispense; 660mm maximum sheet size; matte dry ink; a 2400×2400 imaging path; and object-oriented half-toning.

The company says the iGen5 press negates the need for iterative – print calibrate – print adjust – print cycles. Object oriented half-toning and adjustable line screen control allows an operator to produce output of both text and images on every page. The 660mm maximum sheet size opens up the area of six panel brochures, gatefold pamphlets, pocket folders, and direct mail campaigns.

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