Fujifilm Business Innovation’s sustainability rating remains high with the company receiving an Ecovadis platinum medal for the third consecutive year.

Ecovadis awards the Platinum rating to only the top one per cent of the more than 100,000 companies it assesses. Its sustainability rating evaluates companies’ policies and initiatives in four categories: Environment; Labour and Human Rights; Ethics; and Sustainable Procurement. Over 100,000 companies across more than 200 industries and 175 counties have participated in its assessments. Many global companies use this evaluation as a prerequisite for their suppliers’ selection.

Fujifilm Business Innovation excelled in the Environment and Sustainable Procurement category. It says this recognition has underscored the company’s ongoing efforts to create a better environment for everyone. The company has developed technologies to reduce power consumption of multifunction printers and simple function printers. It says these contribute to a decarbonised society with improved energy-saving performance. This includes the development of Super EA-Eco toner with low temperature fusing performance.

To help establish a circular economy, Fujifilm Business Innovation actively reuses parts. These parts have passed the company’s performance and safety assessments based on the concept that “used products are valuable resources, not waste”.

In September 2022, the company launched the ApeosPort-VI C RC series a recycled full-colour digital multifunction printer. It has a parts reuse rate of up to 84 per cent (by weight).

In addition, Fujifilm Business Innovation adopts a sustainable procurement approach. This takes the environment, social, and corporate governance (ESG) issues into serious consideration. Partners are evaluated on their CSR initiatives and required to share their CSR policies during the procurement process. The company deploys employees specialising in environmental and human resources to the its suppliers to evaluate and provide consultation on improving their supply chain process.

Under the Fujifilm Group’s CSR plan, called ‘Sustainable Value Plan 2030 (SVP2030), Fujifilm Business Innovation says it will continue to solve social issues by providing innovative products and services and strengthen the companies’ supply chain in terms of the environment, ethics, and human rights. Fujifilm Business Innovation aims to be a company that further contributes to the realisation of a sustainable society.

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