Fuji Xerox New Zealand has launched 14 new models of digital colour multifunction printers: The ApeosPort-VII C / DocuCentre-VII C series.

Complying with new international standards for data privacy and device protection, the new series offers enhanced security functions for hardware and software with expansive network communications. Each multifunction printer can be connected to two unassociated networks, enabling customers to separate communications.

From device usage to file creation, internal and external file sharing access rights can be set and potential backup mechanisms established for all scanned files.

The new Trusted Platform Module enhances encryption. This, one of the biggest security advances, means the system’s root password is stored on the TPM side, and the customer does not need a complex and separate password for hard disk encryption.

Other features include a 25.7cm colour touch panel with an adjustable angle. Operators can use an iOS or Android mobile device to perform basic functions such as printing, copying, scanning and faxing through the Near Field Communication (NFC) function, and transfer pictures and web pages stored in the mobile phone to the printer.

Files can be downloaded and operated from the cloud. In addition, you can set up to 30 frequently used functions for one touch operation.

Fuji Xerox provides a comprehensive and powerful online support service, which includes the transmission of device data to the support centre through encryption, and the status of the devices monitored by the central system. With machine learning and forecasting functions, the central system provides predictive support for system management, usage, consumables notification and trouble-shooting through data analysis. These assist customers mitigate downtime, maximize productivity, and thus increase operating margin.

Coinciding with the launch of the ApeosPort-VII C / DocuCentre-VII C series, Fuji Xerox has expanded its software and cloud services line-up to help businesses work smarter.

Fuji Xerox New Zealand Managing Director Peter Thomas says the ApeosPort-VII C / DocuCentre-VII C Series reflected the company’s ‘no compromise’ approach to device quality. He says,

“The New Zealand market is undergoing a rapid transformation to digital-first products, and we are delivering on our no compromise promise.

“This world class product offers our legendary attention to detail, with powerful security and technology features that will deliver significant improvements to business efficiencies. We’re proud to be launching it to the market today.”

Geoff Hamer, national marketing manager for Enterprise Document Solutions at Fuji Xerox New Zealand, says, “Our product designers were given the mission to introduce a new platform with an enhanced user experience and added security.

“Our designers met the brief. User experience is now more consistent with what users are familiar with, being their own mobile devices, and security meets tight international standards.

“Our customers can now do more, and faster, with their Fuji Xerox products.”

The company lists these features:

  • Print anywhere. The Cloud On-Demand Print service allows the user to print from Fuji Xerox multifunction printers anywhere and anytime. A maximum of 3,000 printers can be used by a maximum of 30,000 registered users, especially beneficial for larger organisations. Azure Active Directory authentication now enables interfacing with the Microsoft cloud services OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online.
  • Connectivity with the user’s current cloud platform. Cloud Service Hub connects multifunction printers with cloud storage services from various vendors using a single interface. With the Cloud Service Hub, optical character recognition (OCR) performed when the user scans and stores a new document allows the user to search for files across several cloud storage services on the single interface. ApeosWare Management Suite 2 allows scanned documents to be saved to OneDrive for Business.
  • Device and cost management. Device Log Service is a cloud service that aggregates data about multifunction printer usage via the web. The enhanced features enable data aggregation of up to 1,500 multifunction printers and to automatically import and utilize information on LDAP/ActiveDirectory users, again particularly beneficial for large organisations.
  • Document workflow that promotes the use of digital documents. DocuWorks Tray 2 allows digital documents to be delivered through the document tray; facilitating the design of business workflows and the utilisation of digital documents. Fuji Xerox’s cloud document management service, Working Folder, now enables unregistered users to send documents, making the exchange of documents with external business partners more efficient.

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