A B Graphic International (ABG), a leading finishing equipment manufacturer, has recently introduced its fourth generation Converter platform.

Currie Group supplies ABG solutions across Australia and New Zealand.

The new solution incorporates numerous customer-led innovations, all designed to allow converters to produce more with less.

Able to achieve impressive running speeds of up to 250 metres per minute, the system effortlessly handles both printed and blank web materials, thereby enhancing productivity and streamlining production cycles. Its flexo technology sets new standards in print quality, registration accuracy and speed.

Expanded camera placement options include the ability to position fleyeVision cameras before or after stripping and adapt web paths. ABG says the Converter platform enhances visibility and quality control, ensuring impeccable outcomes.

In addition, a more compact footprint enables businesses to make efficient use of their workspace without compromising on performance. Thoughtful design and innovative engineering minimise downtime to assist uninterrupted production and resource savings.

The Converter features a heavy-duty die head, which reduces heat generation during die-cutting. This results in consistent air gap performance with thin liners and precision in die-cutting operations. The extended rewind and waste rewind roll capacity of up to 800m, compared to the previous 700mm limit, allows for longer production runs. The dual-frame unwind feature and offset brake make roll loading and unloading easier. This feature improves operational efficiency, especially for rolls smaller than 200mm.

Versatility and modularity

Operators can run roll to roll, roll to finished product, or roll to sheet, with or without ABG non-stop technology on the unwind or rewind. Easy installation ensures a smooth integration into existing workflows. ABG says the Converter platform’s full modularity enables effortless customisation to meet current and future requirements, providing the flexibility to adapt to evolving industry demands. Additionally, it can be retrofitted with a wide range of ABG modules, making it possible for businesses to expand their offerings without having to invest in a full new machine.

Matt Burton, ABG global sales director, says, “ABG understands the value of time and space for its customers. The new fourth generation Converter Platform is meticulously designed to minimise downtime, optimise workspace, and reduce the reliance on highly skilled operators. It represents a future-proofed investment that can adapt to evolving needs, keeping businesses at the forefront of the converting industry.”

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