PrintNZ says its annual Industry forum, recently hosted in Christchurch, proved a success as it continues to deliver insightful presentations on various topics affecting our industry now and in the future.
Ruth Cobb, general manager of PrintNZ welcomed delegates to the Industry Forum 2017 and expressed much delight in hosting the event back in Christchurch. “It’s great to be back in such a great city, the first time our Industry Forum has been held here since the earthquakes in 2011.”
Ms Cobb briefly outlined the role of PrintNZ and the continuing work carried out to support their members to ensure the future success of the print and related industries.”
“Since the government changed the health and safety legislation in April last year our team have worked diligently on producing comprehensive resources for our members to easily implement in their business and meet their obligations. These include a H&S Process Manual, implementation guide, consultancy services and audits. Additionally, we also offer members employment and legal support services including consultation and customisable documents such as employments agreements to help members meet their managerial obligations.”
Across the day presenters spoke about how to get your business to stand out; nanography – Benny Landa’s promised new printing technology that may soon reach New Zealand; strategies to combat cyber crime and to protect vital business information; and the client benefits of incorporating print into marketing and communication campaigns.
Disruption was the common theme throughout the day. Every business and every industry is being disrupted by ongoing market changes, technology developments and pioneering business models changing business operations. Prevalent industry disruption is taking place and our industries – print, packaging, sign writing, design, and advertising are not immune.
Peter Biggs, chief executive of advertising agency Assignment Group New Zealand, focused his presentation on how brands and organisations can position themselves to stand out and win despite changing market trends and disruptions impacting businesses in all industries.

Landa Digital Printing Asia Pacific and Japan sales director Michael Mogridge enlightened delegates on how nanographic printing presses use the capabilities of nanotechnology to turn digital into profitable mainstream.

Mark Micklefield, security consultant with Kaon Security, explained that the most common attacks are ransomware, credential harvesting, malware and DDOS extortion.
Finally, Kellie Northwood, executive director of Two Sides Australia, discussed how print plays an important and powerful role within the marketing mix and should be incorporated into client’s campaigns because of the many merits print offers to marketers.

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