Packaging giant Amcor has received an Alufoil Trophy for technical innovation from the European Aluminium Foil Association for its Frangible Formpack.

The Frangible Formpack Blister is a multi-chamber pharmaceutical blister that enables moisture-sensitive active ingredients such as drugs, vaccines or diagnostic reactants to be contained in the same package safely, prior to being mixed and dispensed. It has been jointly developed by Amcor Flexibles and machine builder Rohrer Leading Solutions.

Andrea Della Torre, senior director for research and development at Amcor Flexibles EMEA, says, “Amcor is proud that this blister has been recognised by an Alufoil Trophy in the Technical Innovation category. The Frangible Formpack Blister represents a novel way to transport vaccines, sensitive APIs or diagnostic tests to the more remote locations of the world, a key benefit to increase patient convenience and adherence”.

Hans-Peter Rohrer, chief executive officer at Rohrer – Leading Solutions, says, “Rohrer has brought this innovation successfully to market through a combination of different capabilities. What was important was of course the mastery of the blister sealing process to enable frangible, but still tight seals in such applications. Even more important was a cost-efficient in-line sterilisation process to enable this technology to be used in sterile applications, where the API would not survive a later sterilisation procedure.”

Guido Schmitz, director of packaging design in consumer health, Bayer and the head of judging entries says, “Sensitive dry medicines can be damaged by exposure to light, heat and, especially moisture. This pack goes a long way to solving all these issues, while offering a secure means of delivering it, in a liquid solution with sterile water, in almost any environment. This is a very well designed pack with much wider potential for application.”

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