food safety and automation.
The Koenig & Bauer Durst Delta SPC 130 FlexLine Automatic corrugated production press

Koenig & Bauer Durst has unveiled updates for its Delta SPC 130 FlexLine Automatic corrugated production press that target food safety and automation.

The press provides industrial solutions for run lengths from one to millions. The company has added water-based orange and violet inks to ensure food safety compliance for primary packaging and extend the colour gamut. It sees this helping brand management for brand owners in producing colour saturations on packaging samples and spot colours. With around 50 per cent of corrugated packaging in food and beverage, the ink set helps keep converters ahead of the regulatory change curve.

New automation features for the press target productivity and customers can integrate them into existing workflows. Benefits include enhanced image quality and special effects, and cost reduction. The new effects include print embellishment on corrugated board with uncoated media.

The Delta SPC 130 FlexLine Automatic combines a mechanical design with accessible sub-assemblies and selected components. The company says this guarantees durable quality, high performance, and reliability. It can manage small formats from 500 x 600mm through to 1300 x 2800mm. It prints a maximum thickness of 12mm with water-based, food safe inks. The automatic feature includes non-stop feeder, four-colour single-pass printing, drying and cooling section, and a non-stop stacker.

Robert Stabler, managing director, Koenig & Bauer Durst, says, “All these innovations for our Delta SPC 130 FlexLine Automatic are designed to exceed market needs. Food safety and packaging is a constant topic of conversation. These new water-based inks will ensure food safety compliance for primary packaging and extend the colour gamut. In turn, this will impact positively on brand management for brand owners. Brand owners are demanding that new production methods are reliable, compliant and cost effective. while converters need to have the capabilities and competencies to mass customise without any compromise on quality.”

Key features:

• The press meets the requirements for food safe primary packaging, using proprietary water-based ink technology.
• Its core technologies provide automated, productive, food safe printing systems.
• It targets shorter response times, more variants, shorter run lengths, individualisation and enable more small value orders.
• It meets the customer demand for brand security and sustainability.
• It offers brand owners multichannel communication, including e-commerce.

Koenig & Bauer Durst’s portfolio of solutions for corrugated converters also includes the CorruJET 170 that post-prints sheets of corrugated up to 1.7m wide at up to 135m metres per minute. The B1 6,000sph VariJET 106 completes the line-up and targets the folding carton market.

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