Flint Group and Thorsin Solutions have expanded their partnership in New Zealand to serve all sheetfed needs of the country’s offset printers.
The companies say this forms the most notable partnership of its kind for Flint Group in New Zealand and the largest for Thorsin Solutions.
Paul Lamberti, director Australia New Zealand of Flint Group, says the partnership makes the most of the strengths of both organisations. He says, “We feel strongly that this will benefit New Zealand’s sheetfed sector. Flint Group is ideally structured to manage New Zealand’s multinational accounts, while Thorsin’s business has long centred on serving smaller printers around the country.”
John Thorrat, from Thorsin Solutions, says, “By forming this partnership, Thorsin and Flint ensure that printers big and small get the attention and hands-on support they need. We’ve enjoyed a successful alliance for many years. Now we’re taking it to the next level.”
They add that both companies place unwavering importance on integrity and compliance. Lamberti adds, “This is a great fit all around.”
For many years, Flint Group and Thorsin have supplied supply trusted sheetfed brands such as K+E, Day and Varn and this will continue. Lamberti says, “Flint Group and Thorsin look forward to working together long term to ensure sheetfed printers get the products and services they need. We remain fully committed to the New Zealand print sector.”
The expanded Flint Group Thorsin partnership took effect October 1. The companies are currently working closely with sheetfed customers to ensure a smooth transition.
Flint Group’s business model for heatset, news, and other non-sheetfed products are not included in this partnership.

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